Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Magic Rocks: Crystals that grow in a tiny tank

Emma: "I've always wanted crystals that grow." Well, that's what I told my dad. I only knew I always wanted crystals that grow when I saw them at RiteAid and he told me he'd buy me a toy. We set it all up. Can you see the magic trunk and the back round photo of the Pacific ocean. The crystals were tiny stones and they did magically grow to the top of the tank. Just like advertised. I am psyched, thrilled, satisfied. OK world, Magic Rocks Rock.

Dad: Well, I get confused a lot, but I am not confused about Magic Rocks. You put them in water and they grow and my daughter is occupied for at least 24 minutes and I am the dad of the day for those 24 minutes.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Once all fruit were called Apples. The Romans were proud that they had 4 varieties of apples. Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious and Angelina Balarina throw a tea party.

Well, back in New York. School has started. I got an awesome new back pack with my name on it from Pottery Barn Kids and a matching lunch box and a cup. I am working hard. Now I have 45 minutes piano lessons and book reports. Anyway, I am feeling great. I went with my sister Maddy and my cousin Nina to a magical Tea Party at the Vital Theater on the upper west side. We danced on stage, had cupcakes and got goodie bags and played at my favorite play ground. Today we went to the Tenafly Nature Center and Friendly's restaurant. I had Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookies crumbled in. Plus this week was the Jewish New Year. "Shanah Tovah!" My head is always spinning with new thoughts and ideas. Maybe it's school, starting third grade, Fancy Nancy, too much fun or the sugar.

Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious and Angelina Balarina say "Smile."

Which way are we going? Are rats running wild or wolves in this wild underworld?
Daddy: Sometimes I feel just riding on the Subway is enough activity. People sometimes, if you stay on the car long enough, will play the accordion, sing in Spanish, beg for money, scare and inspire you, mumble about their landlord farting in the hall way. Well, it is best to get off the subway. See all the things me and the girls saw in just two days.
For some reason I told Pinkalicious I wanted to spend time with her. I think I need a rest.

Kids drank fermented apple cider in the year 1206 because water was not safe.
One of the many facts learned at the Tenafly Nature Center talk/demonstration on apple cider.

The Bizzaro world of Friendy's Tenafly, where customers are brought back to the 1970's, when the booths were made and nothing has changed.

Baby swing becomes a thrill ride.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Time stops when it's: A. too hot B. you're having fun C. a bunny is staring at you

'I thought I saw a 'peuti-cat''

The Ocean is a giant swimming pool with sharks and jellyfish. 

This must be how my dad learned to drive.

My dad was told this roller coaster wasn't safe but he didn't tell anyone. 
It was a super fun summer. I had camp in July. In June I goofed around after school ended and had my birthday party. Then I went to San Diego, saw Grand-Ma Renee, my friends Briana and Christy and went to Disneyland. It is September and I have a brand new knapsack with my name on it.

Dad: After the summer I feel like the guy in the Pink Panther who starts twitching because it is all too much. In Disneyland I devised a mantra in which I breathed in 'Peace' and out 'Love.' Adina said it should have been the other way around.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trailer Park B-day at Chuck E. Cheese is quite Magical

After one hour of video games, a little Pizza makes sense

Maddy has the traditional Purple Birthday crown

Amazing pictures by super Aunt Julie Dermansky

The blue screen to go on Chuckee TV

The birthday queen

We'll ask questions later, buddy

red punch in red cups, ingredients approved by Chuck E. himself.

Maddy what has come over you?

Thank you universe
What a fun party my sister Maddy had. It was my dream to have my birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, but it became my sister's reality. I was so happy for her. I got to go into the ticket machine, where tickets whirled around like a cyclone, around my body. Tickets, tickets, tickets! And my dad had 8 big red bonus tickets. We wound up with 491 points and my dad got so many extra tokens we can go back.

Daddy: It was high octane, like a combination of Iron Man, Spider Man and Thelma and Louise. Actually, I really don't know what it was, but after a week of reflection, I am still quite numb. And honestly, the party went much better than I expected. I thought all the other parents would be mad a me, and call my family "trailer park trash." Even the Dean of Bank Street was there. Maybe they were being kind, but they all thanked me.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

Philadelphia was really, really cool. We took Amtrak straight into the city. These men called the "Red Caps," helped my dad with the luggage. There is a broken bell called the liberty bell. My parents thought it was broken because people were so happy when the constitution was written, but it turns out it was just a defective bell. But back then, when something was broken you couldn't just return it.

Climbing through the human heart is fun

lounging on an artery is invigorating

there are four chambers to march through

this is where weather forecasts are made

family photo in Philadelphia

Daddy: It was fun bringing the girls through the city where the constitution was written. I wish the weather was as hot as the family forecast above. It was cool but nothing could stop the Spring break adventures. All of our hotels had indoor pools.

Spring Break-Road Trip-Philadelphia, Cockeysville, Viginia

The owls eyes take up 86 percent of its brain space
Maddy brought over 10 bowling balls
Centripical force pins girls to Tea Cup
Tea Cups were one of many spinning rides

Spinning at 100 miles and hour in a complete 360 degree circle, the madness of Busch Gardens Virginia frees your mind from all thought. It was 50 degrees and breezy, so only the die-hard ride goers were in the theme park. We went bowling at the AMC lanes, stumbled upon the Hanna Anderson outlet store, a Ruby's Diner in Glen Mills, in a snow story, between Philadelphia and Baltimore, spring break was crazy fun.

Daddy: Now I know how Chevy Chase felt in Vacation: a hapless man hurling all his belongings through space in a mini van, everything is possible with momentum, forward momentum. You just can't stop going forward. We met friendly owls, yellow snakes and a cousin of Incaba Hincabus, the friendly, but somewhat moody porcupine who lives under my parents house in Englewood, New Jersey. After a 9:19 Amtrak ride, and two near car accidents-I 95 is a moving insane asylum, we are home.

young Navy Seal training