Monday, September 22, 2008

Boogie-board Fever

Imagine just standing up, not having to move your legs or knees and still getting around town. That is the genius of the Boogie-board. It's like surfing, and the stroller is the wave. I feel good.

The issues and debates hitting hard in the Dermansky home is weather or not our union needs/wants/deserves a double stroller. I am strongly anti-stroller, while my opponent, well, my wife, is pro double-stoller. I have won round one, as Emma rarely uses the stroller anyway, but there will be more on this issue to be hashed out, discovered and lobbyist are just getting involved.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nursery School

School is starting slowly. They're phasing us in, as though we were scared little babies. One hour a day, an hour and a half, now we're up to almost the full day. It's a fun school but I think they underestimate the student body. I think they could use our help on Wall Street.

Emma is doing very well on school. Her teacher has set up a class blog. In fact this picture is borrowed from the class 615 blog. She is ready to go as a student, painting, thinking and taking Nursery school by storm.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sticker Baby

I had an "aha" moment when I put my newest stickers on my little sister's nose.

Emma thinks Madeleine is her own personal sticker book.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bronx Zoo

I wanted to play with the Tiger. He was watching me, behind a giant glass, then stretched against a giant tree like a rubber band. Then he suddenly climbed up the tree. Everyone pressed against the glass looking in on the tiger gasped. Then security yelled at us all to get back behind the tigers paws. There were tiger paws painted paw prints on the floor.
"Please get back," this man said, "I don't want a disaster." He seemed a little fearful. The tiger seemed friendly to me.

I had some popcorn. I also had a giant pretzel and went potty. I also put some money in a machine that made a monkey sound as it inhaled a dollar bill.

Emma insisted on buying some popcorn, right before going to Tiger Hill. Maybe the tiger just wanted some popcorn. I am very happy to have left the zoo in one piece. No tigers claws imbedded in my body.
As a side note, they only had one size of popcorn. I asked them, as part of my new assert my concerns lifestyle, why they didn't have a children's size popcorn at the zoo, which is for children. The saleswoman didn't have an answer, just smiled, showing me they only provided her with the one size.
"How can a toddler eat that much?" I asked and got no answer.

All the parents leaving the zoo, deserve a fortune cookies with words of hope and thanks.