Friday, November 28, 2008

Giant Balloons

Sponge Bob, Dora, YES, YES, YES!
It was really fun seeing my heros come to life. Sponge Bob promised to clean all the buildings on 81st street and Dora was going to explore New Jersey for Thanksgiving. That's where I went for Turkey, though I only ate macaroni and broccoli.

It was fun watching Emma admire the balloons. She had a little melt down amidst the throngs of New Yorkers who come to see the balloons, demanding I provide her magically with Orange Juice. I in turn had a melt down, demanding a private viewing of the balloons and a sippy cup filled with Orange juice. We made it home with great Thanksgiving memories.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Punky Brewster

This is an outfit Grand-ma Renee sent me. I put the tights on myself.

We were a little late for school because Emma insisted on putting the tights on herself. The thing on the back to tighten the skirt vanished into the opening for the pull thing, so I carried Emma from the bus, as the skirt was falling down. They fixed it at the office, fishing the stretch pull through the back with a pin.. The school director said, "That's the price of fashion."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Room 615

School's been going great. I rode a tricycle, made a dot painting and had my blood pressure taken.

Room 615 has a blog. These are some pictures of Emma from Room 615.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rainy Day Mommy

It's rainy but that doesn't mean baby can't go out. I got baby some milk and pushed her stroller through the deepest puddles.

I'm not sure why Emma rolled the baby back and forth through the puddles. Maybe she wanted to toughen up the baby. Emma appears ready to be a mom.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween is a family holiday

The whole family went to the Halloween Parade at the Hippo Playground. All of the kids went crazy. They thought I was the real Elmo. They wanted to hug me and touch my red fur. I was a little panicked but my dad, the ditzy clown and toddler body guard kept me safe. I got to eat a Dunkin Donut and drink fresh apple cider and even carved a pumpkin.

We decided to have Emma eat all of her trick-or-treat candy for breakfast the next day. She was so hyper she wrote an opera on the school black board.