Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Piano Lessons

I started piano lessons. If I practice more than 3 times a week I get to pick out some stickers. I am only playing the black keys. My fingers are different numbers, like my middle finger is three and the one to the right is two and the one to the left is three. I even wrote my first song!
I took Emma for piano lessons with Asuka Fu. She lives in the building across the street above the Duane Reede. She teaches Emma's good friend Natalia. Emma is excited to learn a new skill. Today I had to remind her to practice. "Emma, have you practiced this week?" I said. The answer was, "I was really busy this week." At her first lesson I sit on the couch across from the piano for a half hour, the super proud daddy. Now I just drop her off, but I can sneak in whenever I like.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My first full year of a one hour ballet class

Hee-haw, I'm dancing ballet, partner.
The Company. We will be performing next at the Garden State Plaza Mall, a blending of jazz fusion and ballet to Usher.
Dedication, single minded focus, placing your hand in the hair in a way that makes audience members want to cry.
Even though it is super hard work, you have to remember to dance from your heart. Or at least, that's what Sally Fields says. This was my first full year of a one hour ballet class at Steps, which is a dance center that means business. I deserve a rest! Daddy: Pictures taken with my new Nikon 1. Ashton Kutcher's been hawking this camera on TV. I could be the next ad campaign, a nervous, desperate dad, under the gun, his wife next to him, asking, "Do you really know how to use that thing?" Nikon had better come through for me. Nikon comes through for me, could be the tag line. Nikon comes through for me or I sleep on the couch.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The sea of blue balls

You might think it is strange, "A sea of blue balls," but really, in the world of New York birthday parties, it is within the typical modern day normal. I have done Marcarana with neo Nazis and been terrified by existential puppeteres hunting for lost elephants.
Mommy and Maddy were in the sea of blue balls. Mommy wouldn't jump in.
Daddy: I am ready for anything at today's kids birthday parties. The sea of blue balls is at Chelsea Piers. Emma takes the search for the site of her upcoming 7th birthday party very seriously. "Daddy, it's my choice," she tells me. "Chuck E. Cheese is out of the question," I told her, for the 50th time. "But, it's my choice." Is it wrong to fight Chuck E. Cheese?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap.

Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap.
Schiboom, schiboom. Schiboom, schiboom.
Each tap of my toes is Morris Code, as my feet make their own music. Daddy: As I lumber along in the adult class across the hall, at Bridge for Dance, trying to get my toes and heals to move when I tell them to move is like tapping my head and circling my hand around my tummy at the same time. Goal: to tap with Emma in Madison Square Garden or in front of Madison Square Garden for quarters. Photos by the fantastic photographer, Julie Dermansky.