Sunday, August 14, 2011

Painting with no hesitation, no fear, no doubt

A show: the set, the stage, the dancing, the songs. You have to make everything and then you have a show. It was rainy today, so I went to my father's studio and made this painting for my show. It's a giant heart that is growing out of the ground. Maddy painted some pink unicorns, which was OK.

Daddy: Emma attacked the paper like a young Jackson Pollack. It was humbling. I am going to paint without my shirt on from now on. Lesson learned.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Bakers

Emma: I wanted cupcakes and cake so I told my baby sitter Sharda, "Let's bake some cupcakes." We went shopping for ingredients. We alraady had Vanilla Exact. We found frosting the was already made and sprinkles. I am a great baker. It's not even hard.

Daddy: Those darn cupcakes are so delicious. And the cake, that darn cake is like a lake of goodness I just want to suck up.
No! eating your kids cake is like any other cake, filled with calories that make you chubby. It's not fair. There should be some free, your kids made it, no calories foods.