Friday, July 2, 2010

Victoria Gardens

What do they grow at Victoria Gardens? Roller Coasters! That's why it's my favorite garden.

Daddy: Emma is 5. Her B-day is the event of the universe!

Well, maybe just to me. I was not able to meet the 15 kid minimum. My invitations don't carry the same wait as say Seinfeld. I invited every kid in her class, and all the kids we play with and then kids from past classes! Everyone claimed to have other plans such as their own birthday party (which was on the same day) or they are attending another party they were invited to first or they had to do their laundry.
I had to pay for a party with 15 kids when there were only eight. Victoria Gardens gave my bruised ego an extra kick in the gut.

It was a super fun party for Emma, and it is actually easier to have 6 kids and their parents than 15. Every kids party is a chance to learn and grow. What is my lesson? I am ready to commit to a 12 step program.