Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Field Trip to Red Heart (Red Hook)

Lunch on a grey tarp on a windy field.

Emma had a partner, Alex N., on the bus ride.

The magical pumpkin patch in Red Hook. The kids called it "Red Heart." It's a tough part of Brooklyn, where hipsters become farmers and grow organic greens on baseball fields.

I was excited to go to Red Heart. I'm ready to go anywhere. The big news is my dad came with me. He was one of the parents on the bus with me. It was so fun to have him. He had a special list with all the kids name on it. He let me hold it. Plus he saved my lunch for me. They always want you to eat it, right away, but I like to eat at my own pace. You don't rush worms to eat their lunch. You know worms eat coconut shells, orange peels and licorice and make it into fertile soil. I learned that at the community garden in Brooklyn that was right in front of a blue store called Ikea.

Daddy: I went on my first field trip. The school bus has a speakers along the sides of the ceiling playing pop music. The kids danced for one song and then just talked over it. One thing about being on a bus with kids, if you put your hands on the top of the seat in front of you, the kids in that seat will hit your hands. My hands were hit a lot. It was tiring and my hands were red but I was proud to be the dad of Emma on the bus.