Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I taught my friend Sky how to catch a large pink ball. You have to open your arms wide and close them when the ball is coming. She is three, so it was very difficult for her to figure it out. In fact, she got really mad when the ball bounced against her body. She is three so she doesn't see the big picture. When she's four she'll be able to close her arms at the right time and catch it, just like me!

Emma is such a fantastic teacher.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't try this at home

There's nothing my dad can't do!

Daddy: The recession has hit home.
In an effort to save money I gave little Emma home cut.
I watched a YouTube video by a mom named Candy. She filmed herself cutting her son's hair outside her garage somewhere in New Jersey. She made it seems so easy.
Well, once I started cutting her wispy curls I realized it was like I was lost in a a spider web, using a machete to cut myself free.
"I'm a loving father," I thought, "This will turn out OK."
In the morning my wife screamed, "Somethings is wrong."

She was right. Hair was jetting out at impossible angles.
It's annoying spending adult prices for kids stuff all the time but it is part of being an American. For $35 they fixed her up at Cosy Cuts. I will never use my $40 hair sheers again (contact me if you're interested, they've only been used once.) Fortunately, Emma looks adorable, like a miniature Leslie Caron. When I told my wife it would take "just a year" for it to grow back in, she was not pleased. The best new is four year old Emma could care less, as long as she has her mommy and daddy and a pink lolly pop.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UPS Kids

I asked my mom, "Is this UPS kids?" She said it was for adults, but she was wrong. The UPS employees let me mail her letter and organize the packages. They have fun pens and paper and I gave Maddy my milk. I love UPS Kids.

Emma always wants everything to have a kids version. She single handedly converted the UPS store on 115th street into UPS Kids. Fortunately it was near closing time, and the few people in the UPS store were so punchy they liked having the "purple flash" and her sister take over.