Saturday, October 31, 2009

Getting Candy in New York

Pumpkins, doormen, shoe stores, dry cleaners, grime, slime and crime; that's what Halloween in New York is all about. There was an article in the Times, or so I overheard at Henry's mom and dad's house (Vanessa and Brian Ward), that candy does not in fact give kids a sugar rush; any more than a bowl of carrots. Yes! Stop denying us kids what we really want: candy for lunch, dinner and brunch.

Daddy: Emma sampled MnMs and other treats going door to door in our apartment complex and along Broadway. Maddy ate through a tootsie roll wrapper, walked and crawled on side walkds, punch drunk with scuffed and grimy knees.
I like how Super Girl sits down for pasta in her high chair, like a cop who just finished her beat.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello Kitty Photographer

While my mom was traveling in Colorado I took photos for her of our life in New York. Here you can see Daddy with Maddy in front of our building and my school. The great thing about photography is telling people where to stand, how to act and when to smile.

Daddy: Emma took great care taking her "Hello Kitty" photos with her disposable camera. The camera used real film that had to be sent out to be developed, so Emma only got 20 shots, not an unlimited amount. The hello kitty back round was somehow imposed on the film of the disposable camera, a merging of past and future technologies.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How long until I'm 45

I didn't wear a diaper last night! I don't need any more diapers. Also, something else I want to know about, my dad is 45 and I wonder when I'll be 45? When I'm 45 how old will my dad be?

Yes, I am 45 going on 86. Emma is on her slow journey to becoming 45. She also wants to know when she'll be as tall as me.
"Next week," I say.
Now I will take a moment to reflect and rejoice: no more diapers. I thought the day would never come and here it is. After so many packages of diapers and wipes, strapping and unstrapping, this triumphant day quietly blends in.
The picture of Emma in Starbucks was taken by Swedish babysitter Malin on a road trip to Sacramento: Taking a moment to reflect on the growing baby.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Book Fair Un-fair

Last year they had felt letters to glue on bags. This year they tossed out pamphlets, filled some cups with crayons and said draw. That is how our down sizing economy deals with children, a bunch of plastic cups with crayons. Come on, don't you know we are the future!

Last years book fair, the sky was cloudy and over cast. This year it was blue and sunny, mercilessly hot for an October Sunday. I went back to the Columbia book fair, sponsored by Target and the New York Times, as a seasoned dad of two. I've been to children's parties, school fairs, I'm visiting Kindergartens in Manhattan, I thrust Emma into over crowded activities without hesitation. I'm starting to feel like Tom Arnold in that movie where Hugh Grant is not into having kids but his girl friend is pregnant. I hate movies that are that bad but some how linger in your mind for years.