Friday, March 26, 2010

The Weather

At night I post the weather. It is important to know if it is cloudy, partly cloudy, windy, blustery, rainy. That's why I post the weather in my living room.

Daddy: It is hard to sea the clouds at night, but Emma needs to know. She is precise. We're off to Jamaica. The weather, when on vacation, reveals its extreme importance. I am extremely scared of bad weather. I made the mistake of checking the weather on my iPhone and it says: Partly rainy. Please no!

Sisters in matching pajamas (with attitude which says, 'Dad, one day we won't put up with this')

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Girl Bed

My dad and I picked out the bed on the internet-(US Mattress had the best price but my dad had to set it up). It arrived 26 days later. I picked out the heart sheets at Bed Bath and Beyond. I love being out of my low to the ground toddler bed, up in the air, now, where I belong, stretching my feet out with all the extra room! Hooray! HOOORAY!!!

Share the Joy, even baby sister Madeleine was estatic with the furniture's arrival. Dad: Emma counted out the days on a calender until the bed arrived. On the Wednesday the bed was due she ran into the bedroom at 7 AM and said, "Daddy, zero more days until the bed arrives." My greatest fear was the day of it's arrival. The shipping firm warned me they would just drop the bed unassembled on the curbside and it weighed 160 pounds.
Woa, how would the bed get up the four steps, through the double doors, into our third floor apartment. I'd need an Angel!
Emma's desire was so strong that an angel appeared: Angel, the super. He actually answered his phone and came over to help assemble the bed (I guess now he'll get his wings.). It takes up half her room but I don't think I've ever scene anyone so happy. The big girl bed is set up! HOORAY!