Friday, July 24, 2009

West Coast. Let's find some gold!

Drive, shop, eat ice cream.
In San Diego they have a commitment to making shopping fun (notice the car and ride carts we used at Albertson's and Target. They have Dora collectibles at the super markets!)
The plane ride was long, I mean L O N G! Now I know what they mean by frequent flyer miles. Well, not exactly.
Every day it's sunny, so I have gone to the beach which is fun.

Daddy: Yes, Emma got to go to her first bonafide Mall. We bought Dora and Gabba-Gabba underpants at Sears and a wrist watch at Nordstrom and Kenneth Cole dress sandals which she wears every day. Yes the plane ride is long and I do know what Frequent Flyer means. Ughhh!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

iPhone madness

Daddy got an iPhone. He seems so happy, following me around with his little rectangle.

Yes Yes Yes
I have the cherished rectangle. This is the first iPhone blog entry. It seems tricky uploading photos. Help!