Thursday, February 19, 2009

Into the eye of the vacation

Those are my dad's humungouso feet. (Humonguso is how you say big in Spanish) My parents lounge around like the French people while I ride bikes, play tennis and risk my life and Camp Kids. When do I get a vacation from being three and a half.

Daddy: Emma has been very active. My poor baby got a fever from over action in the tropics or the stomach flu? She's been resting all day. I'm keeping her near by. She's snoozing on my giant vacation bed right now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to the Dominican Republic

I love the Domigilit Repuglit! The people are funny and I get to eat Bananas and Ice cream all day long. You can see me on the patio with my Curious George cards. The heat gets to my parents so I make up my own games. I've been a princess in an interpretative theater show, played in water olympics and enjoyed deep sea diving and have three days left.

Daddy: Staying at the Punta Cana Club Med is like entering a cyber reality: what would life be like if you didn't have to shop, cook, clean or use any mode of transportation? Yes, thumbs up to the Domigilit Repuglit! The people at the kids camp are young and filled with energy in the high heat, qualities I need desperately!

a new added feature...

Mommy: Personally, I love the life here on our land cruise. It's like the Love Boat docked permanently in Punta Cana and everyone got married and had children. All that's missing is shuffleboard and Gopher. I am happy to be contained and pampered. The water is so beautiful, the food is muy bueno, and my feet can't stop doing the Merengue.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reading with Marcy

Marcy came over last night. I put on my furry red Elmo costume because she asked me about it. Is it possible Marcy wishes she were Elmo? Do all adults wish they were Elmo?
She is an awesome story reader and we made trains and I had a deeply rich chocolate cookie.
It's fun watching Emma and Madeleine listening to the Richard Scary counting book. I told Emma only three pages but she was so enthusiastic Marcy read and counted through the whole book.