Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Maddy: Mommy made it a surprise. I knew I was going to have my birthday party, and I knew I was going to be four. I Just didn't know where the party was. Build-A-Bear is great. I built a dog! I named her Princess. All my friends from class room 716 were there. It was like school but it was all about me. I got to go first. In fact that was a rule at Build-A-Bear, "the birthday girl goes first."
Maddy just starts spontaneously dancing, even after all of the guests had left (I don't think there was any actual music.)
Maddy was proud. "I blew out the candle with one breathe."
Picking out the outfits for the bears took total focus.
This is the magical stuffing machine.
Emma and Maddy sat on Grand-Ma Renee's lap for the Doc McStuffin's Marathon. Daddy: Maddy really had fun. Plus she was very gracious and occasionally let other kids go first and took all of the attention in stride. Afterwards we went to the Parker Meridian Hotel and I took the girls swimming and had a room service picnic with Grand-Ma Nee (short for Renee) Everyone slept well that night.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The "Macarena" in Jamaica

Maddy: The "Macarena" is a Spanish dance song that is played in Manhattan and Jamaica to bring kids to a frenzy. The weird thing about it is you know it's coming, "The crazies," but once the music starts you can't stop. And when Big Bird and Zoi and Elmo show up, it is too much for a kid to take.

Michael: It doesn't bother me, the "Macarena," is back.
Well, maybe it does bother me.
Maybe it never ever left. I just blocked it out. I was never a huge fan of the "Macarena." Now that my girls are being taught the "Macarena" where ever they go, I have to face my feelings head on.
How do you feel? (That is a blogging talking point, thrown out to the blog-oh-sphere)