Monday, July 16, 2012

The Sound of the Sound

The great thing about the Long Island Sound is you let out a high pitch piercing yell just for the heck of it because at the Sound you can make any sounds you want. My Mom yelled as loud as she can, "I am so grateful to be alive!" And my dad yelled, "Listen to me, king of all men. Deny me no corn muffins!" Yep, people were a little weird at the sound. The beach is really rocky. I wore my water shoes into the water. They are still wet.
Emma and Maddy met with Oona, the lovely daughter of Kathleen who lives in Wilton, Ct. Thanks to the Hilton Garden Inn we can vacation in Connecticut. Kathleen gave us helpful tips on how to get in with the "chubby set." No, I mean "clubby set." Besides the sound we also went to a large, well air conditioned Dunkin' Donuts, a Walmart which is open on Sunday at 7AM, which is "devoid of all beauty." Ate at Bobby Q's Barbecue, which is a tongue twister, had yogurt and chilled with Georgia, Picasso, and Squishy, the blind, one eyed, and three legged cats.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Private Shoe Store Experience

Spontaneous surprise: We went by our neighborhood shoes store. The door was locked. My dad tapped on the window and the sales team unlocked the door, reopened the store and let us in. "Maddy and Emma are our best customers!" they said. You can see, the sale sign that is usually out on the sidewalk is inside. I got a shoe you can walk in water with, because my other pair was too tight. I am a size 2 now. Plus I got some light up sneakers. I didn't even know they lit up until I stomped on them and these white lights sprang on. Then we went to Pinkberry. There web site has a silly song apologizing to ice cream.
Daddy: Emma and Maddy got the real Cinderella service. The store has my shoe buying history on their computer, which explains my girls super-star Shoe Tree status.