Thursday, December 27, 2012

So this is is X-mas...

We went to Connecticut and saw Oona. Oona gave me my very first Barbie. Barbie is not allowed my household, I think because she's a Communist. But since this Barbie was a present I get to keep her. C
Connecticut is super cute. You can see by this Diner in New Canaan, the town where my mom went to nursery school. We even went by her old house.
We made fresh butter cookies with Oona, Kathleen, who is Oona's mom, Alan, her dad, and their dog Zelda.
Daddy: This wooden Christmas tree is adorned with necklaces. I love how the girls do unexpected things, like taking out there necklaces and using them like tinsel on the tree. Next, an update on Santa's possible visit...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The first Piano Recital

I was nervous. Man oh man, nervous, nervous, nervous. People were every where. God was there, too. See, it was a church for God, so everyone said he was definitely there. There was a Christmas tree and wooden benches with Bibles and prayers on in a little wooden holder on the back of the seats. I was ready to play Ode to Joy and Copy Cat. My sister Maddy was there. Mom and dad were there. My friend Natalia was there with her mom and dad and baby brother, Kristian. My name was called. "We now, welcome Emma Dermansky." I was second on the program. I stand up with my music book and think, "I am a great pianist. I am a great pianist."
Daddy: Maddy kept leafing through the Bibles and Book of Hymns that where in the holders in the back of the wooden pews. Then she would crawl under the pews to play with Kristian and then would make funny faces at mommy. I hoped god was OK with all of our shenanigans. I asked Emma if she was nervous and she said, "Yes." I said I was nervous too and her friend Natalia said, "Why, you're not even playing." Emma did great: So composed, her little fingers going down confidently on the keys of the grand piano. One of the older kids said she wasn't nervous, "It's my fifth recital." Puff-puff. She played a song by Adele and made many, many errors. It really is most important that every one shows up and has patience, along with joy and bravery.
Natalia sits next the Emma, who studies the program.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stationery card

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trick-or-Treat on West End Avenue and the Dark Art of Spells

We sent into a new building. Some adults pretended they weren't home and kept their doors closed. Other adults opened the door and gave us delicious candy. Lot's of it. Some people left candy in front of their door, so we wouldn't knock. Maybe they had kids and were out trick-or-treating, or maybe they had a dragon in their apartment and didn't want to let it out. I want to learn about spells. I got a book from the library: Lotions, Potions and Slime Mudpies and More.
Daddy: I am concerned that Emma is interested in spells. A point all father's hope not to face: at what age should I introduce my children to the dark arts. Last night I left pennies in white vinegar, so they'd turn green. They did turn green. What next, I wonder.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trick or Treating vs. Looting, you decide

Emma: Underground, you pop your head out, like a possum. It is a game they have, not really a game, a photo "Opp" for the parents, who love to take pictures of their kids popping up like possums. In fact there are possums running around the grounds, seeing the kids pop out of the ground, the way they would naturally if they weren't trapped at the Bronx Zoo kids section. I could be a little existential because I am in second grade and there has been a big Hurricane that displaced hundreds of families and closed down school for a week.
Maddy pops up with a smile.
Emma seems wistful.
I removed rot from the side of the pumpkins head.
The kids gleefully loot a book store. Daddy: I am anti-looting, but pro trick-or-treating.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer Re-cap

Summer is officially over tomorrow morning. To re-cap: I rode a pony named Trixie, I saw Carly Jepson at the US Open, I jumped on a trampoline in the Berkshires and saw the Fresh Beat Band live/in concert in Saratoga. It is fun to "re-cap."
Daddy: Wow, oh boy. The hard thing about going on a family vacation is it is just your family. It is like survivor. Where are all the baby sitters? Grand parents? Someone to help me? Our room at the Cranwell Hotel was named the "Griswold." Which reminds of the Griswolds from Vacation, trying desperately to make it to Wally world, and finally getting there and finding it to be closed. Well we made it up to Saratoga and the Fresh Beat Band sang there up beat tunes and Emma bought a fanzine with pictures of the band and lyrics to the songs and it warmed my heart to see her reading along and having so much fun. The Griswolds get a V for Victory.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ladybug Land

Maddy got this strange birthday present, Ladybug Land. My dad left the present in the back of the closet. AFter a couple of monthes, I found it. Then, after must of saying, "Mommy, please order the ladybugs" "Mommy, did you order the ladybugs" mommy send away for ladybug larvae. Larvae is the caterpillar for ladybugs. Ladybug Land Inc. sent us the larvae came in a cardboard tube. My dad thought it was a silly mailer.
Well, no amount of indifference could stop these little life forces. They crawled around and made a cocoon and became ladybugs. I knew we had to set them free so they could live the glorious life of a ladybug. I learned about how living creatures develop in science class. Only five ladybugs were supposed to survive from the larvae. We had 14 ladybugs. Maybe more. They loved our hot humid apartment. We could have just let them live out their lives in our living room. My parents are currently watching the Olympics on TV. The ladybugs would have brought the USA good luck for more gold medals. Maddy cried as we set the ladybugs free. I think she was sad and scared, when she realized that ladybugs were actually bugs. Spiders and ants came around. It was super fun ladybug party.
Daddy: We did not kill the ladybug larvae. I repeat, we succeeded in giving birth to the baby ladybugs. I am so relieved. I could see my little girls crying for the rest of the summer, “The ladybugs are dead.” For the rest of the summer? For the rest of their lives, "The ladybugs are dead." No, in fact they lived: 14 of them! We set them free in what is now called Ladybug field. The ladybugs bonded with Emma and Maddy, who think my girls are their ladybug mothers.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Sound of the Sound

The great thing about the Long Island Sound is you let out a high pitch piercing yell just for the heck of it because at the Sound you can make any sounds you want. My Mom yelled as loud as she can, "I am so grateful to be alive!" And my dad yelled, "Listen to me, king of all men. Deny me no corn muffins!" Yep, people were a little weird at the sound. The beach is really rocky. I wore my water shoes into the water. They are still wet.
Emma and Maddy met with Oona, the lovely daughter of Kathleen who lives in Wilton, Ct. Thanks to the Hilton Garden Inn we can vacation in Connecticut. Kathleen gave us helpful tips on how to get in with the "chubby set." No, I mean "clubby set." Besides the sound we also went to a large, well air conditioned Dunkin' Donuts, a Walmart which is open on Sunday at 7AM, which is "devoid of all beauty." Ate at Bobby Q's Barbecue, which is a tongue twister, had yogurt and chilled with Georgia, Picasso, and Squishy, the blind, one eyed, and three legged cats.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Private Shoe Store Experience

Spontaneous surprise: We went by our neighborhood shoes store. The door was locked. My dad tapped on the window and the sales team unlocked the door, reopened the store and let us in. "Maddy and Emma are our best customers!" they said. You can see, the sale sign that is usually out on the sidewalk is inside. I got a shoe you can walk in water with, because my other pair was too tight. I am a size 2 now. Plus I got some light up sneakers. I didn't even know they lit up until I stomped on them and these white lights sprang on. Then we went to Pinkberry. There web site has a silly song apologizing to ice cream.
Daddy: Emma and Maddy got the real Cinderella service. The store has my shoe buying history on their computer, which explains my girls super-star Shoe Tree status.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Piano Lessons

I started piano lessons. If I practice more than 3 times a week I get to pick out some stickers. I am only playing the black keys. My fingers are different numbers, like my middle finger is three and the one to the right is two and the one to the left is three. I even wrote my first song!
I took Emma for piano lessons with Asuka Fu. She lives in the building across the street above the Duane Reede. She teaches Emma's good friend Natalia. Emma is excited to learn a new skill. Today I had to remind her to practice. "Emma, have you practiced this week?" I said. The answer was, "I was really busy this week." At her first lesson I sit on the couch across from the piano for a half hour, the super proud daddy. Now I just drop her off, but I can sneak in whenever I like.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My first full year of a one hour ballet class

Hee-haw, I'm dancing ballet, partner.
The Company. We will be performing next at the Garden State Plaza Mall, a blending of jazz fusion and ballet to Usher.
Dedication, single minded focus, placing your hand in the hair in a way that makes audience members want to cry.
Even though it is super hard work, you have to remember to dance from your heart. Or at least, that's what Sally Fields says. This was my first full year of a one hour ballet class at Steps, which is a dance center that means business. I deserve a rest! Daddy: Pictures taken with my new Nikon 1. Ashton Kutcher's been hawking this camera on TV. I could be the next ad campaign, a nervous, desperate dad, under the gun, his wife next to him, asking, "Do you really know how to use that thing?" Nikon had better come through for me. Nikon comes through for me, could be the tag line. Nikon comes through for me or I sleep on the couch.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The sea of blue balls

You might think it is strange, "A sea of blue balls," but really, in the world of New York birthday parties, it is within the typical modern day normal. I have done Marcarana with neo Nazis and been terrified by existential puppeteres hunting for lost elephants.
Mommy and Maddy were in the sea of blue balls. Mommy wouldn't jump in.
Daddy: I am ready for anything at today's kids birthday parties. The sea of blue balls is at Chelsea Piers. Emma takes the search for the site of her upcoming 7th birthday party very seriously. "Daddy, it's my choice," she tells me. "Chuck E. Cheese is out of the question," I told her, for the 50th time. "But, it's my choice." Is it wrong to fight Chuck E. Cheese?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap.

Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap.
Schiboom, schiboom. Schiboom, schiboom.
Each tap of my toes is Morris Code, as my feet make their own music. Daddy: As I lumber along in the adult class across the hall, at Bridge for Dance, trying to get my toes and heals to move when I tell them to move is like tapping my head and circling my hand around my tummy at the same time. Goal: to tap with Emma in Madison Square Garden or in front of Madison Square Garden for quarters. Photos by the fantastic photographer, Julie Dermansky.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Maddy: Mommy made it a surprise. I knew I was going to have my birthday party, and I knew I was going to be four. I Just didn't know where the party was. Build-A-Bear is great. I built a dog! I named her Princess. All my friends from class room 716 were there. It was like school but it was all about me. I got to go first. In fact that was a rule at Build-A-Bear, "the birthday girl goes first."
Maddy just starts spontaneously dancing, even after all of the guests had left (I don't think there was any actual music.)
Maddy was proud. "I blew out the candle with one breathe."
Picking out the outfits for the bears took total focus.
This is the magical stuffing machine.
Emma and Maddy sat on Grand-Ma Renee's lap for the Doc McStuffin's Marathon. Daddy: Maddy really had fun. Plus she was very gracious and occasionally let other kids go first and took all of the attention in stride. Afterwards we went to the Parker Meridian Hotel and I took the girls swimming and had a room service picnic with Grand-Ma Nee (short for Renee) Everyone slept well that night.