Thursday, December 27, 2012

So this is is X-mas...

We went to Connecticut and saw Oona. Oona gave me my very first Barbie. Barbie is not allowed my household, I think because she's a Communist. But since this Barbie was a present I get to keep her. C
Connecticut is super cute. You can see by this Diner in New Canaan, the town where my mom went to nursery school. We even went by her old house.
We made fresh butter cookies with Oona, Kathleen, who is Oona's mom, Alan, her dad, and their dog Zelda.
Daddy: This wooden Christmas tree is adorned with necklaces. I love how the girls do unexpected things, like taking out there necklaces and using them like tinsel on the tree. Next, an update on Santa's possible visit...

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