Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rocking Horse Ranch

Riding Ponies, water slides, bungee jumpin', fireworks, disco dancin', ice cream at every lunch and dinner (Next year they should have ice cream at breakfast. Daddy said I can e-mail mangagement.) Rocking Horse Ranch rules!

Daddy: Imagine a world of horses, western music, rocking horses, families with kids you've never met surrounding you 24/7. The rooms are creaky, you hear the people above and next to you, but it doesn't matter because you only children are so hyped up that they don't fall asleep until 1 AM. I took Emma and Maddy to the front desk at 1 AM and told them, "Please, please help me." The girl at the desk laughed. She thought it was really cute.

As a 46 year old dad, if I was writing for Tripadvisor, I'd point out, that though it may be cute to have all the dining room furniture made of sticks, grown men need back support. For the love of God. The kids had an awesome time but I feel I need to put into a padded room, debriefed, have my back messaged by twenty midgets and slowly be allowed back into adult life.