Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why do I have to wear diapers

The eternal question, Why do I have to wear diapers? I believe that I think there for I am, but diapers. I've started diapering Elmo. He actually likes it.
My mom and dad protest, "No more diapers for Elmo." They think I don't know the cost of Pampers. I do, and I don't care. If I have to wear these crinkly polyester monstrosities than Elmo can also.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The New Face of Baby Gap

My dad is obsessed with Baby Gap. He loves walking around, picking out shirts, pants, socks; the cuter the better. He wishes mens clothes were as cute as Baby Gap. He's on Baby Gap's e-mail list and got an open call for the cutest baby.
His hearts in the right place, he just doesn't think big picture. Being the face of Gap Baby is a step away from toddler beauty contests. One always wonders, how did she get started in Toddler pagents. This is how! He's so desperate for people to tell him how cute he is, so her interprets my cuteness compliments to also be a recognition of his cuteness.
Julie, my super-cool aunt took this photo. She's registered some photos of me being held in the air by my dad with a stock photo agency.