Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer Re-cap

Summer is officially over tomorrow morning. To re-cap: I rode a pony named Trixie, I saw Carly Jepson at the US Open, I jumped on a trampoline in the Berkshires and saw the Fresh Beat Band live/in concert in Saratoga. It is fun to "re-cap."
Daddy: Wow, oh boy. The hard thing about going on a family vacation is it is just your family. It is like survivor. Where are all the baby sitters? Grand parents? Someone to help me? Our room at the Cranwell Hotel was named the "Griswold." Which reminds of the Griswolds from Vacation, trying desperately to make it to Wally world, and finally getting there and finding it to be closed. Well we made it up to Saratoga and the Fresh Beat Band sang there up beat tunes and Emma bought a fanzine with pictures of the band and lyrics to the songs and it warmed my heart to see her reading along and having so much fun. The Griswolds get a V for Victory.