Friday, August 10, 2012

Ladybug Land

Maddy got this strange birthday present, Ladybug Land. My dad left the present in the back of the closet. AFter a couple of monthes, I found it. Then, after must of saying, "Mommy, please order the ladybugs" "Mommy, did you order the ladybugs" mommy send away for ladybug larvae. Larvae is the caterpillar for ladybugs. Ladybug Land Inc. sent us the larvae came in a cardboard tube. My dad thought it was a silly mailer.
Well, no amount of indifference could stop these little life forces. They crawled around and made a cocoon and became ladybugs. I knew we had to set them free so they could live the glorious life of a ladybug. I learned about how living creatures develop in science class. Only five ladybugs were supposed to survive from the larvae. We had 14 ladybugs. Maybe more. They loved our hot humid apartment. We could have just let them live out their lives in our living room. My parents are currently watching the Olympics on TV. The ladybugs would have brought the USA good luck for more gold medals. Maddy cried as we set the ladybugs free. I think she was sad and scared, when she realized that ladybugs were actually bugs. Spiders and ants came around. It was super fun ladybug party.
Daddy: We did not kill the ladybug larvae. I repeat, we succeeded in giving birth to the baby ladybugs. I am so relieved. I could see my little girls crying for the rest of the summer, “The ladybugs are dead.” For the rest of the summer? For the rest of their lives, "The ladybugs are dead." No, in fact they lived: 14 of them! We set them free in what is now called Ladybug field. The ladybugs bonded with Emma and Maddy, who think my girls are their ladybug mothers.