Monday, April 1, 2013

Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

Philadelphia was really, really cool. We took Amtrak straight into the city. These men called the "Red Caps," helped my dad with the luggage. There is a broken bell called the liberty bell. My parents thought it was broken because people were so happy when the constitution was written, but it turns out it was just a defective bell. But back then, when something was broken you couldn't just return it.

Climbing through the human heart is fun

lounging on an artery is invigorating

there are four chambers to march through

this is where weather forecasts are made

family photo in Philadelphia

Daddy: It was fun bringing the girls through the city where the constitution was written. I wish the weather was as hot as the family forecast above. It was cool but nothing could stop the Spring break adventures. All of our hotels had indoor pools.

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