Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trailer Park B-day at Chuck E. Cheese is quite Magical

After one hour of video games, a little Pizza makes sense

Maddy has the traditional Purple Birthday crown

Amazing pictures by super Aunt Julie Dermansky

The blue screen to go on Chuckee TV

The birthday queen

We'll ask questions later, buddy

red punch in red cups, ingredients approved by Chuck E. himself.

Maddy what has come over you?

Thank you universe
What a fun party my sister Maddy had. It was my dream to have my birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, but it became my sister's reality. I was so happy for her. I got to go into the ticket machine, where tickets whirled around like a cyclone, around my body. Tickets, tickets, tickets! And my dad had 8 big red bonus tickets. We wound up with 491 points and my dad got so many extra tokens we can go back.

Daddy: It was high octane, like a combination of Iron Man, Spider Man and Thelma and Louise. Actually, I really don't know what it was, but after a week of reflection, I am still quite numb. And honestly, the party went much better than I expected. I thought all the other parents would be mad a me, and call my family "trailer park trash." Even the Dean of Bank Street was there. Maybe they were being kind, but they all thanked me.

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