Friday, September 13, 2013

Time stops when it's: A. too hot B. you're having fun C. a bunny is staring at you

'I thought I saw a 'peuti-cat''

The Ocean is a giant swimming pool with sharks and jellyfish. 

This must be how my dad learned to drive.

My dad was told this roller coaster wasn't safe but he didn't tell anyone. 
It was a super fun summer. I had camp in July. In June I goofed around after school ended and had my birthday party. Then I went to San Diego, saw Grand-Ma Renee, my friends Briana and Christy and went to Disneyland. It is September and I have a brand new knapsack with my name on it.

Dad: After the summer I feel like the guy in the Pink Panther who starts twitching because it is all too much. In Disneyland I devised a mantra in which I breathed in 'Peace' and out 'Love.' Adina said it should have been the other way around.

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