Sunday, September 15, 2013

Once all fruit were called Apples. The Romans were proud that they had 4 varieties of apples. Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious and Angelina Balarina throw a tea party.

Well, back in New York. School has started. I got an awesome new back pack with my name on it from Pottery Barn Kids and a matching lunch box and a cup. I am working hard. Now I have 45 minutes piano lessons and book reports. Anyway, I am feeling great. I went with my sister Maddy and my cousin Nina to a magical Tea Party at the Vital Theater on the upper west side. We danced on stage, had cupcakes and got goodie bags and played at my favorite play ground. Today we went to the Tenafly Nature Center and Friendly's restaurant. I had Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookies crumbled in. Plus this week was the Jewish New Year. "Shanah Tovah!" My head is always spinning with new thoughts and ideas. Maybe it's school, starting third grade, Fancy Nancy, too much fun or the sugar.

Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious and Angelina Balarina say "Smile."

Which way are we going? Are rats running wild or wolves in this wild underworld?
Daddy: Sometimes I feel just riding on the Subway is enough activity. People sometimes, if you stay on the car long enough, will play the accordion, sing in Spanish, beg for money, scare and inspire you, mumble about their landlord farting in the hall way. Well, it is best to get off the subway. See all the things me and the girls saw in just two days.
For some reason I told Pinkalicious I wanted to spend time with her. I think I need a rest.

Kids drank fermented apple cider in the year 1206 because water was not safe.
One of the many facts learned at the Tenafly Nature Center talk/demonstration on apple cider.

The Bizzaro world of Friendy's Tenafly, where customers are brought back to the 1970's, when the booths were made and nothing has changed.

Baby swing becomes a thrill ride.

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