Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beacon of Light Pressure

It's the sixth night of Chanukah and boy was I busy today. There was a huge bash at Music Together. Gabrielle, the head of the program, has a smile like the Joker in Batman. There was a band and according to my mom the drummer was hitting on her! Then, mom took me to Morningside Bookstore to see "Danna-Bannana", a middle aged man trying to break into the toddler rock scene. I sang along to the ABCs, and Carpenter cover songs. While the adults danced I pulled as many books as I could off the shelves. Then, when I came home I was to meet this young man my parents keep pushing on me, Luke, who is cute and lives upstairs. Well, Luke threw up. He's a goy, which has nothing to do with his throwing up, but my parents keep reminding me. They seem to like the word "goy."

I have no great wisdom to offer today, just man, it's hard to be a beacon of light during the holiday season. I'm in so much demand: case in point, holiday photos taken next to burning menorah. My parents look possessed, by what, I'm not sure, but I'll figure it out.

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