Monday, December 11, 2006

T-shirt messages matter

The message on your child's shirt is so important. I've noticed that it's always daddy who puts on the "I love Daddy" shirt. Sometimes I doubt that anyone actually loves me, but seeing the message on my adorable daughter's shirt, convinces me. I am deeply loved.

As a joke I thought it might be funny to print negative messages on children's clothing. Titles such as, "I'm spoiled and my parents are incompetant and that combination is what is going to destroy the USA,""My parents dropped me,""Everything happens for a reason, I can't wait for my parents to die," would make people look twice. Well, I don't know if thoses shirts are funny. I'm a stand-up comic but other comics tell me my act is all character; which is a polite way of saying I have no jokes or useful material.

I love this picture because the shirts says one thing and the crying baby implies something else.

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