Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Emma takes charge of her blog

My father told me, "Honey, you have your own blog!" He was very excited. He didn't tell me that he planned to write all of it, that none of my feelings or opinions would be voiced. So today I am rectifying that situation. First off I am very happy to be on the Internet, communicating with people. I love people, of all ages, from one month to 600 years old (my grand pa in San Diego said he was almost 600).

I do trust my dad to say fun and interesting things but he can be grumpy. Sometimes when I'm playing with toys he turns on Sportscenter. Today mommy came out and said, "You're supposed to be spending quality time with your daughter." She then slammed the door and resumed watching Oprah on Tivo. I think my parents sometimes can be lazy, lack self-confidence and need guidance. They read self-help books, watch motivational shows and Sportscenter so maybe their attitudes will improve before I'm five.

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