Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Deciding What I Love

This is my crazy dad. He loves Christmas, even though we're supposed to be Jewish. I'm getting a lot of mixed messages. It seems like our actual religion is the Big White Way--Broadway. Dad is constantly singing show tunes: Mr. Celaphane Man, You've Got to have Heart, and my favorite, Being Alive. People tell him, they're not lullabies but he doesn't seem interested in learning soothing lullabies.

Baby peeves: People keep telling me "what I love." I have shirts, such as "I love Mommy," "I love Daddy," "I love Hot Chocolate." Mostly, I love putting things in my mouth. Well, I was like that a year ago, when this picture was taken. In the present moment, I most pushing people out of my way in the playground. Is that wrong?

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