Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How long until I'm 45

I didn't wear a diaper last night! I don't need any more diapers. Also, something else I want to know about, my dad is 45 and I wonder when I'll be 45? When I'm 45 how old will my dad be?

Yes, I am 45 going on 86. Emma is on her slow journey to becoming 45. She also wants to know when she'll be as tall as me.
"Next week," I say.
Now I will take a moment to reflect and rejoice: no more diapers. I thought the day would never come and here it is. After so many packages of diapers and wipes, strapping and unstrapping, this triumphant day quietly blends in.
The picture of Emma in Starbucks was taken by Swedish babysitter Malin on a road trip to Sacramento: Taking a moment to reflect on the growing baby.

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