Monday, October 12, 2009

Book Fair Un-fair

Last year they had felt letters to glue on bags. This year they tossed out pamphlets, filled some cups with crayons and said draw. That is how our down sizing economy deals with children, a bunch of plastic cups with crayons. Come on, don't you know we are the future!

Last years book fair, the sky was cloudy and over cast. This year it was blue and sunny, mercilessly hot for an October Sunday. I went back to the Columbia book fair, sponsored by Target and the New York Times, as a seasoned dad of two. I've been to children's parties, school fairs, I'm visiting Kindergartens in Manhattan, I thrust Emma into over crowded activities without hesitation. I'm starting to feel like Tom Arnold in that movie where Hugh Grant is not into having kids but his girl friend is pregnant. I hate movies that are that bad but some how linger in your mind for years.

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