Saturday, October 31, 2009

Getting Candy in New York

Pumpkins, doormen, shoe stores, dry cleaners, grime, slime and crime; that's what Halloween in New York is all about. There was an article in the Times, or so I overheard at Henry's mom and dad's house (Vanessa and Brian Ward), that candy does not in fact give kids a sugar rush; any more than a bowl of carrots. Yes! Stop denying us kids what we really want: candy for lunch, dinner and brunch.

Daddy: Emma sampled MnMs and other treats going door to door in our apartment complex and along Broadway. Maddy ate through a tootsie roll wrapper, walked and crawled on side walkds, punch drunk with scuffed and grimy knees.
I like how Super Girl sits down for pasta in her high chair, like a cop who just finished her beat.

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