Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rainbow Day

I'm on my vacation. It's kind of stormy and rainy in Great Barrington. My dad think's it's wierd that a town would call itself "Great" in the name of the town. He said, "Englewood is not called 'Great Englewood." I asked him to start calling me "Great Emma," which he has yet to do.
I saw my first rainbow. My parents were driving me to a playground and started yelling, "Rainbow, rainbow!" I implored them to let me see, as I was in my car seat. My dad pulled over, and sure enough there it was, curving over a motel and the motel playground. Adina, my mommy, walked me over and it was the beginning of a great vacation.

I'm so glad Emma got to actually see the rainbow. "Look," I said, "that is a rainbow." Yes, there is incredible beauty and I pulled into a motel parking lot and it paid big dividends.

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BLOSSOM said...

Thanks for capturing a photo of this rainbow! I saw it also, but my camera battery went out earlier in the day! It was amazingly big and bright - and a complete semi-circle!! THANKS!! Blossom - Sharon Nyberg