Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bye Bye Berkshires

My daddy didn't get a picture of me being bitten by ground bees. Ground bees are bees that have hives in the ground. I started screaming because when you feel pain in your body unlike anything you've ever felt you scream.
But the bees couldn't ruin my vacation. The pain subsided and I watched Elmo's Birthday DVD and had a black and white cookies and ice cream for dinner.

Emma wanted to go potty at this potty which was for sale, 25 dollars at the Berkshire Theater Festival prop sale. Berkshire Theater Festival had a family day, free food, face painting and songs from Oliver.

Emma's first foray into face painting. She had a heart and a butterfly artfully rendered on her cheeks.

Jacob's pillow: Emma was transfixed as she watched a woman grow tree branches and move as if a soft wind were whisking through.

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