Saturday, August 9, 2008


Listening to classical music is fun for thirty seconds. After that I like to play kickball or chase butterflies. It's funny, an old guy criticized my mom. He told her, "Some people come here to listen to the music." It seemed like he was hearing the music leading him to his life after death, but it didn't seem like that much fun.

I took Emma to go potty just as the concert let out. 25 old men streamed in to pee and wash their hands as Emma ran around, "No paper towels, me, I do it, I do it." The old men tried to go to sink as though she wasn't there but she held her ground. It was a Tangle at Tanglewood.

My sister Madeleine, rebounding from mosquito bites and a neck rash caused by her not having a neck yet.

A typical lunch scene at Frog Hollow (the name of the house where we are staying)

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