Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Every moment counts

So, it was drizzly and I was in the Vitamin Store, and then I started checking the newspaper bins. Then I went to the Westside Market, where the deli guy yells "West-Side Mawket!" as loud as he can. Somewhere in between these every day common moments Puppet Elmo vanished.

Boy, I'm so upset that Puppet Elmo was lost on my watch. I lost focus. We back tracked, following the path from Westside Market to the Vitamin Store. I called the stores managers over, "I'm looking for a puppet Elmo with lots of band-aids on him." And, then it sunk in. Elmo was gone. Bam, all the air left me and I felt hollow and realized every moment counts.


Marcy said...

I hope you'll both be okay.

Emma Dermansky and Daddy Michael said...

Yes, I think I was more shaken than Emma. She immediately said, "Buy new one." She's more pragmatic than me.

Ann said...

At least we have the portraits of Elmo we did last Sunday.