Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Every moment counts

So, it was drizzly and I was in the Vitamin Store, and then I started checking the newspaper bins. Then I went to the Westside Market, where the deli guy yells "West-Side Mawket!" as loud as he can. Somewhere in between these every day common moments Puppet Elmo vanished.

Boy, I'm so upset that Puppet Elmo was lost on my watch. I lost focus. We back tracked, following the path from Westside Market to the Vitamin Store. I called the stores managers over, "I'm looking for a puppet Elmo with lots of band-aids on him." And, then it sunk in. Elmo was gone. Bam, all the air left me and I felt hollow and realized every moment counts.


Marcy Dermansky said...

I hope you'll both be okay.

Dermansky Inc. said...

Yes, I think I was more shaken than Emma. She immediately said, "Buy new one." She's more pragmatic than me.

Grannie Annie said...

At least we have the portraits of Elmo we did last Sunday.