Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh my

What's mommy doing? What is everyone doing?
Those are my primary questions. I have a baby sister, Maddy, I call her.
I tried to give her a bottle of milk but she didn't grab it. Daddy picked me up at school and both my Grand-mas are visiting, so it has been a very exciting week, but what is mommy doing?

Emma is such a joyful creature. I picked her up at school and she seemed like she was ready to pop out of her skin, just from the pure surprise of it. Adina told me having a new big sister is similar to me bringing home another woman and telling Adina how wonderful she was and that I would now have two wives and love them both the same. Hopefully Emma won't see things that way.

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Grannie Annie said...

Adina's analogy sounds just right to me.