Thursday, April 10, 2008

B-day circuit

I went to a b-day party in Washington Heights. We took a yellow cab there and a black cab back. It was pretty civilized. I was there with all my classmates and we were served Pizza and creamy cake. A party entertainer put on a Dora outfit and danced the Macarena, a dance that I'm told was once extremely popular.

I didn't take any pictures. It seemed like I'd be stealing the other families memories if I took photos at their birthday party. It was a long party. The party entertainers came late, and set up a crafts table before transforming into Dora. They served juice in regular non-sippy cups. Emma splashed the juice in many direction. I was the only parent who snuck out and walked under the George Washington Bridge. There is a little red light house under the mammoth bridge. It seems like people are always looking for help and can find it in the strangest places. I have another party this Saturday to take Emma to. Oh, my.

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