Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trick or Treating vs. Looting, you decide

Emma: Underground, you pop your head out, like a possum. It is a game they have, not really a game, a photo "Opp" for the parents, who love to take pictures of their kids popping up like possums. In fact there are possums running around the grounds, seeing the kids pop out of the ground, the way they would naturally if they weren't trapped at the Bronx Zoo kids section. I could be a little existential because I am in second grade and there has been a big Hurricane that displaced hundreds of families and closed down school for a week.
Maddy pops up with a smile.
Emma seems wistful.
I removed rot from the side of the pumpkins head.
The kids gleefully loot a book store. Daddy: I am anti-looting, but pro trick-or-treating.

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