Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trick-or-Treat on West End Avenue and the Dark Art of Spells

We sent into a new building. Some adults pretended they weren't home and kept their doors closed. Other adults opened the door and gave us delicious candy. Lot's of it. Some people left candy in front of their door, so we wouldn't knock. Maybe they had kids and were out trick-or-treating, or maybe they had a dragon in their apartment and didn't want to let it out. I want to learn about spells. I got a book from the library: Lotions, Potions and Slime Mudpies and More.
Daddy: I am concerned that Emma is interested in spells. A point all father's hope not to face: at what age should I introduce my children to the dark arts. Last night I left pennies in white vinegar, so they'd turn green. They did turn green. What next, I wonder.

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