Thursday, April 14, 2011

Running across Route 4

Emma: We took the 171 bus up Route 4. That's a highway with gas stations and stores, grease and grime. It's a lot of fun. We were left on the side of the road and my dad showed me this special bridge just for people. If you tried to drive your car over it wouldn't fit and your car would get stuck. If you want to cross over by car you have to find a place to make a U-turn! Drive over a car bridge.
I saw all the cars from all the world racing back and forth.We, my sister and I, ran to the outlet center and believe or not we discovered a Disney store!

Dad: It was an awesome day for all. I love walking over the highway. It gives me a feeling of wisdom and freedom and omniscient power. I wanted my girls to experience that.

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