Sunday, December 23, 2012

The first Piano Recital

I was nervous. Man oh man, nervous, nervous, nervous. People were every where. God was there, too. See, it was a church for God, so everyone said he was definitely there. There was a Christmas tree and wooden benches with Bibles and prayers on in a little wooden holder on the back of the seats. I was ready to play Ode to Joy and Copy Cat. My sister Maddy was there. Mom and dad were there. My friend Natalia was there with her mom and dad and baby brother, Kristian. My name was called. "We now, welcome Emma Dermansky." I was second on the program. I stand up with my music book and think, "I am a great pianist. I am a great pianist."
Daddy: Maddy kept leafing through the Bibles and Book of Hymns that where in the holders in the back of the wooden pews. Then she would crawl under the pews to play with Kristian and then would make funny faces at mommy. I hoped god was OK with all of our shenanigans. I asked Emma if she was nervous and she said, "Yes." I said I was nervous too and her friend Natalia said, "Why, you're not even playing." Emma did great: So composed, her little fingers going down confidently on the keys of the grand piano. One of the older kids said she wasn't nervous, "It's my fifth recital." Puff-puff. She played a song by Adele and made many, many errors. It really is most important that every one shows up and has patience, along with joy and bravery.
Natalia sits next the Emma, who studies the program.

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