Friday, March 30, 2012

Would you trust a dolphin with your child's life?

Emma: I swam with a dolphin in Jamaica. The Dolphin fell backwards and I grab his fins. It was fun. I can do anything. Next trip I'll swim with an Orca. That's a killer whale.

Daddy: I had a dream before dolphin day that Emma was standing on two dolphins as they swam across the ocean. Than the dolphins tilted her into the water between the two of them and nosed her ribs and pulled at her little body like seaweed.
Emma was looking forward to swimming with the dolphins and I never, ever want to disappoint her. I realize, I am too trusting of the world, leaving my little girl in the hands of a strange mammal, trained by a Jamaican dolphin trainer. Jamaican people, as a stereo type, seem to not get too upset when something goes wrong.
"Yah man. The dolphin was just playing with your daughter. They love to play."
Well, I am one of those kind of people who trusts a dolphin with his child's life. Oy, Emma, I'm sorry.

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