Friday, November 18, 2011

Mohonk Mountain House

It was such an old hotel room there was no TV in the rooms. Yet, there was an indoor pool. Go figure! There were long stair cases and old stairs I could run down. The cafeteria was a mad house, with all you can eat ice cream, and all you can eat M n M toppings. There were spooky fireplace and the board game concentration. A strange man did a magic show, blowing up white balloons for the kids who I picked to volunteer. He didn't pick me, so I didn't get a balloon. I had a rocking chair on my fifth floor balcony. My dad wouldn't let me rock to much because he was scared I'd some how fall out and go over the railing into the lake. My mom, dad, me and Maddy all sleept in the same room but I had my own bed. Even though there was so much food I mostly snacked on Granola bars my dad bought at the Shop Rite on the way up. I'm serious. I endorse the Mohonk Mountain House.

Daddy: "If you cut off your left hand, your right is what you have left."
That was what I learned from the Magician at the Mohonk Mountain House. Instead of watching television you get to see a live magician. "I picked up this book on levitation. I couldn't put it down."
There was one moment I want to remember. I was walking out of the cafeteria with my lovely Emma and Maddy and they burst out into this song, "We walk behind Da-ddy. We walk behind Da-ddy." It was a catchy song and I started to sing-a-long.

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Grannie Annie said...

I've had so much fun catching up with your blog. So many wonderful pictures. So many enormous smiles. A book on levitation which you couldn't put down: ha! And the tennis lessons: priceless! I'm still smiling.