Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let go of my Lego

There's a picture of what looks like the Daytona 500. All isn't what it seems. If you look closely, all of the fans in the Florida heat are made of Lego. It seems anything you see in life can be duplicated out of little pieces of Lego. I wonder if their is a person on this earth who looks just like me but she's made of Lego.

Daddy: I've been reading a lot of Tripadvisor reviews. They are frightening. All of the warnings and criticisms of the great sights across America. But, you know, the truth is frightening. At the Legoland rides there are markings that say, "the wait is one hour from this point." It is not easy to occupy a 5 year old for an hour on light. All the songs and stories and times I say, "It's only five more minutes," feels like a long day's journey into Lego.

In this ride you pull your body weight up to the top of the rope, looking over the lake filled with Lego wildlife. See daddy lifting Emma to the top. Emma said, "Kids help pull, but Daddy did most of it."

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