Monday, July 21, 2008

Towel Jacket

Imagine getting out of a bath and having a towel that both dries you and turns into an outfit. Yes, this is all mine! Check out my towel jacket with the pink tie. Grand-ma Renee in San Diego sent it to me.

Yes, Emma has gone mental for her towel jacket. When I couldn't find it tonight she started moaning "I want my towel jacket." I said, "I really want to give it to you, I don't know where it is." That explanation didn't go over too well. I searched all the normal places and then tried to negotiate, "Well, I can't find it but I'll give you the super giant beach towel and I'll find it tomorrow." That kind of bargain might strike a deal in the senate but not in here. Anyway, I finally found it, and Emma was able to relax and unwind.

Here's sister Maddy in her towel jacket!

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