Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hokie Pokie

Over the course of my first year of school, I mastered the Hokie Pokie. School was fun. Finals were a little stressful, though. Thank goodness for chocolate and Red Bull.

Emma received straight A's in school and is on track.

Here are some transcriptions from her report card:

Social-Emotional Development: Emma interacts and shares well with everyone. She is able to follow directions, daily routine, and easily transitions to activities without any disruptions. She did very well with separation from her parents. Emma has the ability to wait for her turn and focus on an activity.

Cognitive Development: She loves to play with pegs. She fills the entire pegboard with pegs on top of one another and say, "I am making a tower." When the pegs fall off from the pegboard, she says, "Uh oh, it's broken."

Physical Development: Emma likes to go on the slide. She is able to run without falling. Emma also enjoys riding the scooter and pretends she is going to the zoo. In addition, she likes to throw, kick, bounce and roll a ball.

Emma is very cooperative, happy and dedicated student. She takes an interest in her work and alway does her personal best. She made progress in all areas of development. She is ready for next year, and we will miss her.

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Ann said...

Nice to see Maddy can do the Hokey Pokey too.