Friday, January 4, 2008

Problems/Solutions in San Diego

My parents finally took me to the San Diego Zoo. There are no pictures because daddy forgot to put a digital disk in the camera.
“My dream of having photos at a zoo is shot,” says mommy. Daddy pulled out a hand held digital video and begged for mercy.
The monkeys taught me lessons on how to get what I want, just swing from a vine and attack. The hippos taught me how to truly enjoy a poop. Hippo poop is as big as our luggage. The turtles stretch their necks out really far, so they can see beyond their opaque shells. I wonder if I live in a zoo. I sleep in a caged crib. Deep thoughts...

Things you have to do with your kids, Lego Land, Disney Land, Sea World, and the Zoo. There is this precipice of parental have to-dos past down from locals, travel agents and in-laws. Over come perils: dropped off mommy and baby and stroller and then parked the car two light years away, and met them,carried the baby up steep hills, entertained on line to see Panda, sippee cups, cookies, diaper bag, stroller.
Lesson, always check batteries are charged, memory disks empty and in place, to avoid scorn of wife. The digital camera wasn’t “Honey, I’ll shoot some fantastic video.” The battery symbol on the video monitor had a slash through its center. I didn't tell my wife, and like the lights of Chanukah, was able to shoot a video on empty.
I was really like all the man strives to be in extreme crisis. I accept the citizen of the day award. Thank-you.

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