Thursday, June 21, 2007

Speeding Carousel

Raging horses, popping up and down, manic lights, jestures, clowns, the horror of spinning nostalgia is not my idea of fun. Yet, this is where I found myself for Edan's birthday party. My dad held me for dear life. He has absolutely no riding experience. I stopped screaming and shaking, as he was sweating and twitching, mumbling and praying to god for the ride to end. I enjoyed the sugary cupcakes Shelly gave me on a Shrek plate, a just reward.

It's true, I got a little scarred and the carousal went faster than I expected. Being a New York daddy is never as mellow as I foolishly think it's going to be. Emma is a super baby, and nothing is going to stop her from experiencing all there is to experience. I'm rambling, tormented late night daddy ramble.

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