Friday, May 11, 2012

The sea of blue balls

You might think it is strange, "A sea of blue balls," but really, in the world of New York birthday parties, it is within the typical modern day normal. I have done Marcarana with neo Nazis and been terrified by existential puppeteres hunting for lost elephants.
Mommy and Maddy were in the sea of blue balls. Mommy wouldn't jump in.
Daddy: I am ready for anything at today's kids birthday parties. The sea of blue balls is at Chelsea Piers. Emma takes the search for the site of her upcoming 7th birthday party very seriously. "Daddy, it's my choice," she tells me. "Chuck E. Cheese is out of the question," I told her, for the 50th time. "But, it's my choice." Is it wrong to fight Chuck E. Cheese?


Marcy Dermansky said...

I think it is okay to fight Chuckee Cheese.

Marcy Dermansky said...
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