Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Piano Lessons

I started piano lessons. If I practice more than 3 times a week I get to pick out some stickers. I am only playing the black keys. My fingers are different numbers, like my middle finger is three and the one to the right is two and the one to the left is three. I even wrote my first song!
I took Emma for piano lessons with Asuka Fu. She lives in the building across the street above the Duane Reede. She teaches Emma's good friend Natalia. Emma is excited to learn a new skill. Today I had to remind her to practice. "Emma, have you practiced this week?" I said. The answer was, "I was really busy this week." At her first lesson I sit on the couch across from the piano for a half hour, the super proud daddy. Now I just drop her off, but I can sneak in whenever I like.

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